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Counseling women and moms virtually across Texas

Hi, I'm Liz. And I'm here to tell you:

It's ok to make time for yourself.

I'm Liz. I'm a mom of 2 beautiful children, a counselor, and I'm about to be your biggest cheerleader. 

I guide women through a judgment-free exploration of what has led them to this point in their lives. Through this journey, we’ll acknowledge that some of the ideas you might have about yourself might not have originated within you, and discover who you really are at your core.

I’ll provide you with new tools and perspectives to reframe your past experiences through a lens of compassion and learn how to quiet that ever-critical internal monologue. Let's be honest- you would never speak to others the way you speak to yourself. You’ll walk away from our time together with everything you need to move forward into a life that you feel truly satisfied by and excited to be living!
My Story 

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor located in Brownwood, Texas. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters and enjoy eating ice cream and planning imaginary trips we haven't taken yet. After growing up in Brownwood, Texas, I moved to Austin where I got my undergraduate in Communications at The University of Texas. My interest and passion for counseling was a long and winding road but started with my desire to feel more comfortable responding to people who were vulnerable and willing to confide in me. ​My Masters in Professional Counseling was completed at Texas State University. Since then, I have obtained additional certifications and education in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My experience within the counseling field has allowed me to work with a diverse population of children, adolescents, and adults. After starting my private practice, I began concentrating on the myriad of mental health needs that surround parenting and womanhood. ​I believe that connection is powerful, healing, and life-giving. In counseling, you experience this by having someone come alongside you with support and empathy and walk with you in the complexities life brings. Counseling is a unique opportunity for us to examine what is most important to you and navigate the steps it takes to reach your identified goals.

Working with Me

First and foremost, working with me will give you the space to voice everything you’re feeling without judgment. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ll dive into how your experience as a woman in a man’s world has affected every part of your life.


We’ll put aside the things you’ve been taught “should” make you happy, and discover the things that actually do. You’ll learn how to communicate your needs without guilt and practice coping skills that help you feel less overwhelmed.

I'm at my best when I'm helping women transform anxiety into confidence, define their boundaries and reinforce them by learning assertive communication. Don't you want to find what strengths make you feel at your best? 

My Approach

I believe that every person deserves to feel safe, seen, and supported in their life journey. Every stage of transition, whether it is something we are excited about or dreading, something we have been anticipating for a long time or was unexpected, brings a natural level of stress into our lives. This can be complicated by our past trauma or other variables in the present, causing us to experience anxiety, depression, and more.


Counseling is a designated space that promotes mental and emotional wellness, helping you feel more confident in facing these challenging situations. 


Each person is unique in their needs, skills, and goals. I approach counseling as a collaborative and individualized process that supports you in achieving and maintaining meaningful change in your life. Building off of your innate strengths, counseling promotes growth by creating a safe space to explore what works best for you. Connecting with a counselor can help you engage in self-discovery, explore new perspectives, and access positive therapeutic techniques that become life-long assets. 


I am passionate about connecting with and encouraging women of all life stages in their personal development. Whatever that may look like for you, I am glad that you are here. I am excited to come alongside you in this journey of growth and help you become more confident in the life you live.

What is CBT?

​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, commonly known as CBT, is an evidence-based psychological treatment that has been applied to a variety of mental health concerns. This particular form of therapy is one of the most widely trusted and practiced forms of mental health treatment.


CBT has a significant emphasis placed on your personal involvement in the therapy process in order to equip and transition you into a more independent and confident self.


Core principles that underlie CBT’s approach to therapy include the following:

  • Recognizing and confronting our distorted and unhelpful patterns of thought

  • Exploring our core beliefs, fears, and motivations

  • Reevaluating our thoughts and beliefs in light of new information and perspectives

  • Utilizing problem-solving coping skills to navigate difficult situations and daily challenges

  • Developing a stronger sense of self-confidence

Contact Me

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more about you and give you the chance to get to know me.


It's super important to find a therapist that is the best fit for you, so let's chat!

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