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Counseling women and moms virtually across Texas

Women's Issues & Mental Health

Online counseling for the modern woman
You've been told you can have it all, but...
the exhaustion of putting everything on your plate is taking a toll

The roles you fill in your life—partner, mother, professional, friend, daughter—have become your whole identity. You’re burnt out from trying to keep up with everything at work and at home, but feel selfish if you voice your feelings or ask for help.

It's hard to ask for help

You don’t want to be a drain on your partner and family, but you’re not sure how else to communicate that you’re drowning. Dread seeps into your stomach at the thought of your never-ending to-do list.

You keep people pleasing, but it's not bringing you happiness

It seems like no one in any part of your life appreciates or even notices the hoops you jump through for them. You put on a brave face for your loved ones, but internally you know something has got to give.

 Young Woman Contemplating
The perfect woman doesn't exist

You can embrace yourself as you are and as you want to be

You can give yourself compassion when you are struggling, rather than being your biggest critic

You can take care of yourself and take up space

You can feel less isolated and more supported

Together, we can find balance for you and what matters to you

Working with Me

First and foremost, working with me will give you the space to voice everything you’re feeling without judgment. Once we’ve gotten to know each other, we’ll dive into how your experience as a woman in a man’s world has affected every part of your life.


We’ll put aside the things you’ve been taught “should” make you happy, and discover the things that actually do. You’ll learn how to communicate your needs without guilt and practice coping skills that help you feel less overwhelmed.

I'm at my best when I'm helping women transform anxiety into confidence, define their boundaries and reinforce them by learning assertive communication. Don't you want to find what strengths make you feel at your best? 

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